If you like to know the percentage of your battery charge ? Then this plugin if you must have it. Unlike other plugins or applications you load screen shows your battery, this plugin is characterized modifies the power LED , making the LED flashes in time intervals according to the percentage of the battery.

Author: ABCanG.

Tutorial: Running plugins via the Stick in Custom Firmware (Recommended Reading).

It works in the following Custom Firmware:
6.20 PRO.
6.60 ME / PRO .

If you have worked in a Custom Firmware that is not on the list, and we will gladly discuss it added to the story.


LedBatterie_mod lets you change the time you want the power LED flashes as the charge level of your battery, thus telling you which is the percentage of remaining battery charge . The less load the power LED will flash several times and then charge you more power led blink less often.

In the file ledbatterie_mod.ini included in the plugin:

# Millisecond, start percent, percent end
3000 , 90 , 100
2500 , 80 , 90
2000 , 70 , 80
1500 , 60 , 70
1000 , 50 , 60
500 , 40 , 50
100 , 0 , 40

You can change the time (in milliseconds) and the percentage range you want that the power LED is flashing .

To make understandable explain plugin function as follows:

The first line:

3000 , 90 , 100

indicates that every 3 seconds the power LED is flashing when you load percentage is in the range 90% to 100%.

The second line

2500 , 80 , 90

indicate that when you have a load percentage between 80% to 90% the LED will flash every 2.5 seconds .

Following this reasoning the less your battery charge has the led blink more often .

And of course you can change the times and percentage ranges to your preferences and needs. Apart from that you can use while you're enjoying your games either PSX isos or when surfing on the XMB.