I have the honor to bring you this wonderful homebrew Naruto . Shaplayer impresses with the adaptation of this game 2D fighting Naruto (original author Toņos). It has a story mode to play against a another CPU . We can choose between several characters in the manga series. No missing graphics , which are not to be missed. Will fight against many Naruto characters. you be the champion?

Author: Toņos .

Author of the mod: Shaplayer.


Naruto Ultimate Ninja Battle is a fighting game in which you will choose a character of Naruto and fight against a CPU. The game is in 2D and is very similar to commercial games struggle. You can choose between 26 characters from the series which you have to unlock 5 . This homebrew has two game modes, the story mode and the mode against CPU . The fights are interpreted in different scenarios and each character will have their special attacks. Each assault last 60 seconds .

It has very good graphics , which Shaplayer, thanks ToXXin by them at all. Not to be missed!

NOTE: The real author of homebrew is suckers , this game just changed the images.


Menu :
Analog Pad: Move between options.
X: Select.

In the character selection menu :
Analog Pad: Move the cursor.
X: Select.
Or: Go back.
Start: Begin to play.

In the game :
Analog Pad: Move your character.
X: Jump.
Or: Make a medium attack.
Square: Making a light attack
Triangle: Make a strong attack.
Start: Pause.

Version 3.6

Fixed bug with Jiraiya history .
Added the story mode .
Has been added explaining game controls in the beginning.
New Menu .
Added a new Minato .
Added Selection-Arena (In VS CPU-MODE).
Fixed and improved almost every character graphics (not animation).
Many changes and bug fixes.