The abstract, retro-inspired minds of Arcane Kids crafted a suitably bizarre, beautifully bad tribute to Bubsy 3D this week, and you can play it in your browser right now.

While it ostensibly resembles the 1996 PlayStaton game, Arcane Kids' version takes you on an unwieldy tour of the real-life ongoing James Turrell Retrospective at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. In contrast to the PlayStation game's abysmal take on 3D, the LACMA exhibition is a celebration of the artist's vision of light and space.

Once you're done with the tour, however, things start to get really weird. We're talking the last episode of The Prisoner weird, complete with an unerring propensity of skeletons and an overriding sense of dread.

While the controls and presentation mirror the terribleness that was Bubsy 3D, Arcane Kids' game is an aptly bizarre mixture of nostalgia and artistic thinking, and easily the best weird 15 minutes of the week. Strangely, it made me want to return to 2D SNES-generation game Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind, which I was young and stupid enough to think was pretty good when I played it.