CycloDS Evolution v1.2 BETA #2 (the second BETA) has been released and is available for download. The main addition to this BETA is support for user created cheat codes, through our PC-side cheat code editing application. The firmware update, a BETA version of the cheat code editor and some interim documentation are included in the download. Once again, this is a BETA firmware release and as such may contain bugs. Only use this release if you understand and accept the risks involved in using BETA software.

We've added a special feature which we're sure many of you will enjoy - the ability for the cheat code editor to retrieve the most up-to-date codes from the internet and import them directly into your database. You may use this function periodically to ensure that your cheat database always contains the most recent codes.

Changes for this release include:

* Custom cheat code support added (PC-side cheat editor application included)
* PC-side cheat editor can automatically retrieve up-to-date codes from the internet
* Fixed some problems with the multiple skin system. In addition, skins can now be stored at either 'CycloDSskin' or 'CycloDSskins'
* Fixed several game compatibility issues
* Separated "Return to Game" and "Return to Main Menu" in the in-game menu to help avoid accidentally executing a soft reset

We will be posting an updated user manual when the final 1.2 firmware build is released. In the meantime, please refer to the included interim documentation for instructions on using custom cheat codes.

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