The Legend of Zelda series has always been about adventure. With a vast open world to explore and tons of tiny little secrets, it can get taxing for one boy in green tights to handle. On top of the usual Hyrulian spelunking, A Link Between Worlds adds another kingdom to the mix "Lorule" (get it?).

Here's a bit of help to prevent you from searching high and low for some of the answers hidden within the darkest depths of the game.

After booting up the game and finishing your first (easy) dungeon, it's time to run some errands! Immediately head to Kakariko Village to the west, and familiarize yourself with the layout. You'll want to visit the old man standing out in the open on the far left of the town to enable StreetPass functionality (more on that later). The first item on your shopping list is a shield, which you can prop up by pressing the right trigger. It's 50 Rupees an amount you may not have already. Before you buy it, go to bee house (it literally has a giant bee icon on it) and get the net item.