The day-one PS4 firmware update - version 1.50 - will add support for USB headsets, Sony has confirmed.
Out of the box, PS4 will lack support for third-party bluetooth and USB headsets for in-game or group chat, but a launch-day system update will enable USB headsets.
This is an advance on the firm's original messaging, as it had previously pledged to add USB headset support with a post-launch update.
Bluetooth headsets will remain incompatible, and there's no word on whether that may change with a later update.
PS4 firmware update 1.50 will enable a long list of major system features, and is available to download now for US PS4s. The update can be written to a USB stick in advance of the console's US launch on Friday, which will allow for a quicker update process once the owners get their machines home.
The PS4 will need to be placed in Safe Mode to install the update via USB. Head through here for full instructions.