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    Default Some help please

    I started downloading emus for my PSP andso far ive gotton 2 to work out of the 9 ive tried to get to work i have psp 1.5 and k xploit. ive gotton a nes emulator to work very well and i had snes but it was to slow for me. 1 do you guys have any snes emus that work pretty fast and 2 Can someone healp me to get some other emus to work evey time i get one and put ROMS on it ,the ROMS dont show up for the eumu i chose i made the file PSP/GAME/(emu)/eboot.bmp(or some thing)and i pu the ROMS in too but they wont show up. HELp would be acreaciated.

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    for the genesis emu you have to unzipp the files for them to show up same for one of the pce emu. and as far as the snes emu go uo_snees9x works real will most games run real good at 2 to 3 fps skip its real playable

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