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Thread: VCS Tool Pack v0.002

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    psp VCS Tool Pack v0.002

    Durka Durka Mahn posted this news/release:

    Hey everyone, just updated my VCS Tool Pack for VCS Cheat Device with some new features!

    Change log:
    +Added Portal Maker
    Makes a two-way portal that teleports your from one place to another by stepping into the circle!
    +Added Car Spawner
    Allows you to spawn cars by putting in the car ID, coordinates, and rotation.
    +Added Car Spawn ID text document
    A list of all the car spawn IDs in a .txt document for use with the Car Spawner. Credit to Matt11504 for this list.
    +Added a ReadMe.txt for instructions on use, and special thanks to people who contributed.

    *Note - The program can only be ran once per export, I will try to fix this in a later release.

    As said before, I plan to make actual GUI later on (when I learn how) and make a PSP version.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    good job too bad 352 m33 4 doesnt support the cheatdevice

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