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Thread: PSPSDK 1.0+beta released!

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    Default PSPSDK 1.0+beta released!

    Mr Brown (one of the PS2 scenes finest) has released PSP SDK, heres the description:

    The PSP Software Development Kit (PSPSDK) is a collection of Open Source tools and libraries written for Sony's Playstation Portable (PSP) gaming console. It also includes documentation and other resources developers can use to write software for the PSP.

    PSPSDK is distributed under a BSD-compatible license. See the LICENSE file for more information.

    also this :

    So far only the source distribution has been released. Binary packages will surface soon.

    Although this isn't mentioned in the README, PSPSDK requires at least psptoolchain-20050625.

    This is a BETA, so there will be bugs. Report bugs in this forum or mail them to [email protected].

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    so,being a non coder,what does this mean for the dev scene?

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    Basicly, I think it means in a few months time there should be alot more and even better homebrew stuff for the PSP.

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