Microsoft’s has released two Surface 2 adverts, both showing off how much better the device is than Apple’s iPad Air.
While the advert for the Nokia Lumia 2520 sneakily hinted that it was taking a dig at the iPad Air, there’s no question Microsoft is on a full-scale Apple-bashing quest with its new Surface 2 TV campaign.
The adverts are actually called ‘Cooking: Surface 2 vs. iPad Air’ and ‘Sharing with family: Surface 2 vs. iPad Air’.
The two ads focus on the benefits of having a Surface 2 in a family home. One shows the tablet’s multiple accounts feature followed by a shot of the iPad with the text 'iPad Air does not provide native support for multiple accounts of monitoring'.
The other demonstrates the Surface 2's support for hands-free use while cooking, showing the user whizzing through recipes while the iPad Air works in a sluggish manner.