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Thread: BrickFall LP-3

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    NDS BrickFall LP-3

    Bassacegold has updated his puzzle game for the DS, heres whats new:

    Update BrickFall LP-3 :
    -fixed platform collision maps
    -New levels
    -optimised platform loading (loads platforms faster)
    -Fixed wifi leaderboard freeze
    -Menus redone
    -can now switch mp3s while playing (while paused press select to load a new mp3)
    -updated mod song handling
    -added new songs
    -now checks to see if "brickfall" directory is on the root of card, if not displays error
    -got rid of data folder
    -updated readme with more info
    -random things are more random
    -fixed invisible platform bug(i think

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    Woah! That's cool how you can add your own MP3's to it! Good job! ^_^b

    EDIT: Ummm....I put everything on my Games 'n Music card, but it still gives me the error like the directory isn't there, but I think I know the problem! When I went to the file that had all of the data,, pictures, etc, it showed up as a question mark, which means the game can't read it. It only plays .MP3's, .NDS' and .D3V, which is music, games, and videos, respectively. Oh, well. My game just sucks.

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