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Thread: warPSP warXing Suite Beta

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    psp warPSP warXing Suite Beta

    News/release from Califrag:

    warPSP is a general warXing application for the PSP.

    warPSP puts the system into a wifi network discovery mode that continually scans and rescans for networks.

    The results from each scan are written to a log file
    at the root of the memory stick. The log file can be
    opened in the PSP's built-in web browser after exiting the application. A bookmark is added to the PSP's built -in web browser after creating a log file.

    POI files can also be created and loaded into common GPS mapping software programs, including MapThis! by Deniska, for the PSP.

    heres the changelog

    pbp standalone:

    09/01/2007: v1.0 Alpha
    General program ported to EBOOT.PBP version. Enhanced
    on-screen user-interface and functionality. Many bugs
    present in xmb extension fixed and gps functionality was

    easy installer:

    08/03/2007: v1.0 Alpha
    Created an Easy Installation Program to help new PSP
    users who are not comfortable entering recovery or
    flashing their PSP to do it easily with the program.

    xmb extension:

    09/03/2007: v1.0 Beta
    Decreased start up time before scan information is
    Logging and POI logging features were implemented.
    Added more views for scan and console details.
    Added a "Cloaked" mode for no screen output.
    Added an auto-save feature that will save logfiles
    every 100 scans in case of power failure/other bugs.
    Added a low battery check terminating the program
    when the battery falls below 10% charge.
    Added an auto-bookmark feature that will create or
    add a new bookmark to the PSP's web browser after
    creating a log file.

    The internet browser seems to always work now after
    exit and the random crashes have been reduced.
    Solved a bug issue which locked up xmb on exit during
    "Scan Completed" status.
    Solved a bug which prevented VSH Rebooter from being
    able to properly reboot the PSP thus forcing a crash.
    Seemed to fix an issue with the scan counter getting
    messed up and displaying the incorrect number.
    Added "Hooking" for:
    Controls so input is not sent to the xmb.
    USB so log is closed before usb mode is activated.
    Power switch so program is closed before turning off.

    Download & Give Feedback Via Comments
    via califrag

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    Just a few more updates and this can be better than a laptop and a cantenna!

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    Nookadum my next PSP hardware mod will be finding a way to wire up a cantenna (or possibly a woktenna to the PSP lol

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