via PS3 Fanboy

Sometimes news is better left untold. Or is it? We're in two minds as to whether the outcome of ThreeSpeech's PSN release date snooping is making us feel better or worse about the situation. They have managed to procure information regarding PSN releases for the upcoming month but we're sincerely hoping that the list is inexhaustive -- a fraction of the next month's PSN offerings. If not, then our hopes and dreams for the next 26 days are crushed. Crushed.

September 6th
  • Motorstorm Coyote Revenge update
  • Heavenly Sword Anime episode 4
  • Heavenly Sword Making-of episode 4
  • Lair trailer
September 13th
  • Motorstorm vehicle set 1
  • Loco Roco Cocoreccho trailer
  • inFamous trailer
September 27th
  • Motorstorm vehicle set 2
Overall, a good month for Motorstorm fans. Lots of new downloadable content. The lack of any information regarding the 20th makes us think that there's more to come this month. We hope.