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Thread: Xbox One vs. Playstation 4: The Console Specs

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    Default Xbox One vs. Playstation 4: The Console Specs

    Xbox One vs. Playstation 4: The Console Specs

    Which one do you prefer?

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    After last gen I now see Microsoft as a truly genuine entertainment development platform, still when it comes to the nature of the two devs I still fully believe sony just knows more about the entertainment business in general.

    There used to be a time when people went out to find new device that people considered name brand and quality..

    I'm not dissing the Xbox. But last Gen how many xboxes red ringed?

    Yeah yeah people can counter That with the question, how many ps3s died in some mysterious way. The short and simple answer is not even a third as many as Xbox 360..

    I still believe Sony has the experience to delivery a higher quality product when compared to Microsoft...

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