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Thread: help with getting my directions working

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    Default help with getting my directions working

    ive used GMDL and googlemap directions to make the directions file. Ive put the output file in to my map folder(..maps/_sydney)
    but after i select POI lookup and turn POI on....i dnt see any directions to the place i made...

    Any detailed instrcutions i can follow...and also i would like to add voice prompts...but the guide i read i dnt realli understand./

    thnx guys

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    did you have choose the righ icons in your directions?
    for example waypoints?

    at mine it was better when i creat a translation.text and now i can choose the right icons in the directionspoints.

    Important the icons must be in both folders system as icons in mapthis and in debug as icons in gmdl.

    sorry for bad english....

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