NewColeco posted this news/release:

Hello, at the end of 24 hours of test in the programming Nintendo DS, I finished a demonstration based on one of my ColecoVision plays still available in cartridge.

The only play which I could convert into if little time is “Carrot”.
You direct a rabbit on a ground filled with hidden traps and also surrounded by traps.
Your only chances of survival are to advance with prudence.
Your sixth direction indicates to you (in top of the screen) the number of traps around you, a little like the numbers in the boxes of the play bomb disposal expert, but this time it is only in the 4 directions: high, low left and right-hand side.

Before shouting “alternative of bomb disposal expert”, will know that this play goes back to before bomb disposal expert.

And for those which want to see where the complete version for ColecoVision is available.

Have fun!

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