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Thread: N-Rage's input plugin

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    Default N-Rage's input plugin

    This is an input plugin for n64 emulators.

    *Up to four Players

    *Up to four GamePads, 1 Keyboard and 1 Mouse can be handled at once

    *Full support of Buttons, POVs, Sliders, Axes, Mouse, Keyboard

    *Emulating Mem-Paks and Rumble-Paks(via ForceFeedBack)

    *Direct Adaptoid Support

    *up to 256 Configurable Modifiers, with 3 different Types

    *System-independent Controller-Profiles

    *Builtin MemPak Manager

    *This Plugin is compatible to Zilmar's Input-Plugin Specs 1.0 and will work with all Emulators that support this Spec

    You can use the mouse, image how cool that would be.

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    I have used this plugin before. If you do not own a game pad, this is the plugin for you. The mouse support works really well. Its just like the control you get out of a PC when you use it for FPSs.

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