Greedence posted this news/release:


Cid2Mizard wants me to post my german version of this great Rom.
Well :

First the source:

Main Changes / Problems:

Of Course, complete translation of the whole Text (even the names of the element ... damn there are so many ;-) )
In the C16Text there are no "Umlaute" (foreign letters like:ä,ü,ö ...) So i have to write it like ae,ue,oe ... no big deal. MasterDje is working for a solution for this "translation" - Problem.
There were a few words,which iīm not exactly sure if they are 100 % correct. so i gave them a (*) - sign.
In the credits i commendet the 2 pics out on screen 0 (the palib logo and an avatar), because i needed space for one more entry (2 people, who helped me with the translation). If you donīt want it, delete the Credit entry and delete the comment sign ( /* , */) in the function int clean_affichage(int phase_) in the case nr 5.
I havenīt found a word for "poor metal" (i think there isnīt one either) so i let it this way in the translation

The compiled files:

I hope you like it and iīm looking forward for the next version