via Games Industry

Epic's Mark Rein has clarified rumours regarding Unreal Tournament 3's release date on PlayStation 3.

"The PS3 console exclusivity is not in doubt. We are shipping the game on the PS3 well before the Xbox 360 version ships," Rein told "That's the version we are working on right now. We do not have a date for the Xbox 360 version."

"Nothing has changed at this point," Rein said. "We're working toward a November release."

Addressing forum comments which were reported on earlier, Rein said the point was "not to cast doubt on our plans but rather to debunk the countdown timer on a German fan site that listed a specific release date."

"We don't know the specific release date yet and I think it is always prudent to remind our fans that we value quality over release date. They've come to expect that from UT and we don't want them to think we're handling UT3 any differently."

Last week, Midway invited the consumer press to play UT3 multiplayer on PS3 at a New York event, and Rein reports that thousands of gamers played the game on two 16-player PC LANs at Leipzig. Rein said that he will also be at the Tokyo Game Show to demonstrate UT3 at a Sony press reception.