A book detailing the history of the Sega Mega Drive has more than doubled its Kickstarter target with four days to go.
SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works will, according to its authors at Read-Only Memory, be "the ultimate retrospective of the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis".

When CVG first reported on the book in early November, it had already received nearly a third of its 30,000 target in its just two days.
Now, with four days of funding remaining, the target has been smashed, with 79,256 pledged at the time of writing.
Read-Only Memory has stated that it will reinvest the extra funds in the book to increase its quality.
"I must confess I had absolutely no idea the campaign would go like this," wrote designer Darren Wall, "so I was entirely unprepared for this situation arising.
"My immediate instinct is to direct the money back at the book itself, so everybody benefits from a book with more pages, better production values (they were budgeted to be pretty darn nice already!) and even more impressive cover finishes."

Originally planned to be a 300-page hardback book with more than 35,000 words of Mega Drive information and interviews, the book will now be extended to 340 pages.
A number of new interviewees have also been announced, on top of the 23 previously confirmed. These include Greg Johnson (co-creator of ToeJam & Earl), Ed Annunziata (creator of Ecco the Dolphin), Peter Morawiec (creator of Comix Zone), Michael Latham (producer of Eternal Champions) and Rich Karpp (developer of Vectorman).
The book will be published in June 2014. Those interested in it can still pledge until Monday December 9, with a 30 pledge guaranteeing a copy.