PRESS RELEASE: Wii™ accessories for new and retro gaming fans!

Thrustmaster is expanding its Wii™ accessory product range for the autumn season with the T-Wireless NW game pad for retro gamers and the T-Mega Pack, a 5-piece accessory kit which includes a Go Kart style wheel plus charging and protection accessories, for those new to gaming. As always, the focus is on elegant design and outstanding quality.

T-Wireless NW: A gamepad for retro gaming fans

Today more and more game launches for the Wii™ are retro hits or golden oldies originally created for the likes of Nintendo®NES, Nintendo® Super NES, Nintendo ®, 64 and Nintendo ® GameCube. Thrustmaster has created a game pad that will allow gamers to use one game pad for multiple genres of games.

The T-Wireless NW is the first programmable and vibrating wireless gamepad allowing users to play Virtual Console™, GameCube and Wii* games on the Wii! It uses 2.4GHz wireless technology which provides a very respectable 30 foot range. Wireless play is the buzz word in gaming today!

The T-Wireless NW is fully programmable thanks to the “Mapping” function which allows users to reassign all buttons, mini-sticks and the D-pad to ensure a truly customized gaming experience. There are also two functions which will really help gamers maximize their gaming experience: “Slow” which allows the player to slow down action and “Turbo” which means the player only needs to press a button to get a power boost rather than making multiple and rapid thumb presses.

To top it all off, this gamepad has great ergonomics with a shape that is natural to hold. The rubber coated handles and joysticks ensure superior grip and comfort too.

*Please refer to the game’s cover for compatibility details.

The T-Wireless NW will be available in October 2007. SRP $19.99

T-Megapack NW: The 5-piece pack for new gamers

New gamers will be thrilled to see that this pack includes everything they need to get started in their new gaming adventures.

Thrustmaster, with its well known expertise in the field of racing wheels, has included a white go-kart style wheel for intuitive, wireless driving in racing games. Forget about hard, cheap plastic: the wheel is covered with a comfortable “sporty” rubber grip for a pleasant handling experience – users just insert the Wii Remote and they’re off. It also allows users to navigate through menus in their games without removing the Wii Remote and users can even connect the Nunchuk!

Thrustmaster is also including a pair of white silicone protective covers for the Wii controllers. Unlike other protectors on the market the silicone is an impressive 2 mm thick and thus protects the controllers in their most vulnerable areas. The grip provided ensures controllers stay firmly in the hand during even the most excitable of game play. The practical design means that gamers don't have to remove the protector when the Wii Remote’s batteries need replacing.

The white lacquered recharging base for a Wii Remote and a Nunchuk looks perfect beside the Wii console and is an essential item for all Wii users. At the rear of the base is the battery charger which connects to the USB port on the console. When the user has finished playing he or she can insert the 2 rechargeable batteries (included – AA (R6) 1300 mAh) from the Wii Remote to the back of the base to recharge them. Very simple.

The T-Mega pack NW will be available in October 2007 at a suggested retail price of $34.99