News/release from JasonUK of a new release of his PRX Decrypter:

1.6 --> 1.7
- Fully compatible with HEN/2.71/3.xx kernel/3.60 M33 - Just copy PRXdecrypter_3XX folder to GAME. Have fun, firmware modders.
` OE and M33 users should also use this version, just put it in GAME352 or GAME (if you have that set to the 3.52 kernel)
` 1.50 users (if any of you still exist) or those who want to use the 1.50 kernel, use the kxploited version.
` I will maintain this version in case the 3.XX kernel changes significantly which breaks PRXdecrypter
- Added 3.60 and 3.7X keys
- HEN/3.XX version doesn't need sysmem_rlz.prx for RLZ decompression as it uses the function from the 3.xx kernel
- Huge internal cleanup with clearer messages, better error handling and more speed.
- Improved logging (logs almost everything now)
- Press O to UnSignCheck all files in the ms0:/enc folder
- Press RIGHT on the D-PAD to extract reboot_02g.bin from loadexec_reboot_02g.prx (from 3.60 or higher)

The HEN/3.xx version will not run on the 1.50 kernel, and the 1.50 kernel version will not run on the 3.xx kernel.
If you run the wrong version for the kernel you are using, the application will exit.

Note: SystemCtrl.prx from M33 3.52-3 or higher will not decompress as it uses a custom SignCheck. I might add support for this file next version.

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