In the next story I will try to explain the new features of the PS Vita as a scene is concerned. Many users are confused about the hearsay news in recent months about SDK's , exploits and other terms for some known and some not, but what is the real situation?
So far simpler alternative to an unofficial section uses outside of games, demos and multimedia featuring the PS Vita , has been using the SDK provided by Sony that allows the execution of homebrew created by users that have already been published several on the web, but there are other ways in which the scene of this console grows significantly, for starters, let's talk about the exploits .
Exploits PS Vita

It is clear from the beginning of the news SceneBeta is not entirely in accordance with the practices of breach of security of commercial games and it may separate malicious use based on these.
In recent months many users have heard about the creation of many exploits . To start, we must clarify what the term means. An exploit is a technique by which software developers create abnormal or undesirable behaviors in other software. Regarding the PS Vita , the exploits that have been created are aimed at commercial games PSP . I'll explain better: As all owners of PS Vita will know, or at least the vast majority, the PS Vita not only run specific games for the platform, but also can play titles of PSP that can be purchased via PS Store. The internal software of the console has a kind of emulator that is able to perform all the actions of a PSP usual. Well, all exploits released so far have been directed towards this field, seeking only software vulnerabilities games PSP , as was done earlier in the scene of PSP games like Lumines, Patapon 2 and a few more.
What is bad about this? Several things, first, if we are " free "(and I put it in quotes because it is not a full release as I will explain later) our PS Vita , we have to toil away money in buying an original game PS Store , not only that, but we'll have to do it fast, because nothing brings to light a new exploit , Sony is quick to remove it from the PS Store to publish several days after the vulnerability addressed preventing the performance of the software. The second negative is that it is not an actual release of the console, but access to internal emulator for the PSP , so it is limited use of the "liberation" to run homebrews for PSP using a software known as Vita Half Byte Loader ( VHBL ), and not all are compatible homebrews. Below and to not create too much confusion and clarify an important point differentiative separates the exploits of two classes:
User user mode exploit or exploit :

It is a type of exploit for commercial games in which there is access to the privileges given to us as a Custom Firmware for PSP . This means that actions like run commercial games PSP or PS One ( PSX ) are discarded because they are simply not granted privileges. All exploits released to date for PS Vita , users have been so.
The exploits user have been released so are the coder wololo , (in collaboration with other coders as neur0n and teck4 among others) are known for creating the Half Byte LoaderSoftware which is used in the own Vita to run homebrews. The games used for this are as follows:

  • MotorStorm Artic Edge (already patched vulnerability and corrected)
  • Everybody's Tennis (already patched vulnerability and corrected)
  • Super Collapse 3 (already patched vulnerability and corrected)

* Video functioning exploit in the game "Motorstorm Artic Edge" (currently unusable)

  • Monster Hunter Unite (retired from PS Store, about to leave for the game VHBL)

* Video demonstration of the exploit in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.
List of Changes in eCFW TNV-4 (05/12/2013)

Total Noo b shows progress in his list of changes in the next eCFW TN V-4 :

  • Added support for high memory ONLY FW 2.1X (2.10/2.11/2.12) .
  • Added an option in the recovery menu to apply records PS Vita (Registry hacks ->). (These records shall apply to TN-V4: PSN Account, language, button assignment, lock password, date, adhoc, wifi).
  • Added boot menu automatic recovery on first use. ( This prevents an error message ).
  • Added option "Fix savedata exploit." With this enabled, you can play the game that contains the exploit. The first 2 letters of the savedata folder will be replaced by "TN").
  • Added ability to hide the game exploit in the XMB .
  • Added support for ISO category for Game Categories Lite .
  • Added possibility to change the combo (HOME + NOTE) (Advanced -> Advanced Settings ->). (If you choose no buttons, you can hold the button LiveArea (PlayStation blue button) for simulating the HOME button).
  • Added patch to enable decryption kernel modules 6.60.
  • Corrected CPU slowdown.
  • Fixed infinite blue screen error.
  • Fixed several errors MSFS Sony controllers.
  • Fixed all errors made ​​in TN-V3 .
  • Determining corrected pscode original region.
  • Fixed bug that would not let go to LiveArea screen.
  • Fixed bug where the HOME button is simulated by opening the Vita OSK keyboard.
  • Simulated power functions of temperature and to avoid negative long chains.
  • ISO improved cache core.
  • Improved function "Install Addon" . This option has been removed from the recovery menu and is always enabled.
  • Removed semaphore wait flash0 emulation. This increases the speed of reading (most noticeable in Theme Settings) flash0 files.
  • There have been some cosmetic changes in the VSH Menu and the recovery and added the ability to change the color of these menus (including red, blue, green, cyan, purple and yellow).

Source: Hackinformer.
VHBL Important Information (05/11/2013)


With the recent release of the new 3.00 OFW for PSVita console, Sony surprised and plugs a Frostegater exploit the coder .
This exploit is in the game:

and if you do not upgrade to 3.00 OFW can use it, sure to buy the game (if still available) have to do it via PS3 and pass it to the Vita .
VHBL Important Information (11/10/2013)

The name of the game to use the VHBL on OFW 2.61 and unfortunately is only available in Japanese Store is:
Powerful Pro Jikkyu Ketteiban Yakyu 2012. (Eye PSP version).

Remember if you want to buy the game should have a Japanese account and buy the title before Sony remove that game. Personally the only available at that store do not recommend its purchase.
VHBL Important Information (08/21/2013)

It has confirmed the release of the next exploit for OFW 2.60, by the coder Acid_snake. So stay tuned as it is 4 exploits and the names of the games are:

  • Arcade Darts.

  • Airhockey Arcade & Bowling.

  • World of Pool.

  • Arcade Pool (Arcade Pool & Snooker in Europe)

I advise that if in 2.12 does not update because they can use the Total Noob exploit and harness the support for high memory .
The exploit was also discovered by others and decided to make a release on your own website, after confirming that it is real, we have to do it publicly and you can download the game (s) before Sony remove it from the Store .
VHBL Important Information (22/07/2013)

The game has already been removed from the Pstore , so just waiting to release the VHBL 2.12 for this exploit.
It's time to reveal the name of the game that will be used for VHBL 2.12 . This time thanks to Qwikrazor87's found an exploit that user mode and has ported the VHBL for firmware 2.12 .
The name of the game for VHBL in OFW 2.12 is:

  • Gamocracy One: Legend of Robot ($ 3.99 U.S. PSN).

If you are interested in using the VHBL 2.12 and you can use your PSVita to run homebrews and emulators , you have to buy the game immediately and most importantly to have it installed on your PSVita .
The game is in the U.S. Store, but may follow this advice page Wololoto reach the title in the Store Eur, more is not a 100% effective , so it is at your own risk trying to get in Eur Store
VHBL Important Information (23/03/2013)

Now thanks to TomTomDu80 and for users who are on your PS Vita 2.06 can refresh homebrews through VHBL , for that you must make haste to buy the game:

  • OverKill Apache (EL price is Eur 2.49 and 2.99 $ U.S.)

I remind you that you purchase and download on your Vita and make a copy of the game through the CMA to your PC.
Usually, when we have VHBL files will be placed here.
NOTE: Remember that VHBL prohibit running isos.
Important Information (11/09/2012)

It's time for those who were able to download the game Monster Hunter Freedom Unite before Sony withdraw the game from the store, so it is that we have the arrival of new VHBL r160 to exploit Neur0n , remember it is only for version 1.80 and our latest VITA consoles.
Stay tuned for the full story:
VHBL r160 for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSVITA v1.80) .
Remember that if you could not download the game before September 10 will not help them download the game after this date , as the game is fully patched and therefore can not use the VHBL.
Where and when new exploits are released?

If you want to take cognizance of the release of new commercial exploits you can do on the site / blog wololoand in their forums. However since SceneBeta try acercaros all exploits they come out, but if you do not want to lose you the exploits before Sony remove them from the PS Store would highly recommend checking your blog every day, since virtually anytime and without notice (for obvious reasons) the release.
All this as the limited access to the famous " user exploit "but is that all?
Kernel exploit or exploit all privileges :


The difference between this and exploit user or user mode exploit , is that in this type of exploit all privileges are granted, so actions like run ISOs commercial games, PSX and even access the virtual memory that emulates the flash0 console PSP within the Vita is possible. Currently very few known kernel exploits , and those known to be published. If we think carefully would be stupid, as the developers have concluded. all the work of finding a vulnerability that allows access to the kernel to Sony you patch it to 24 hours? Not worth it. Therefore, developers are looking for different ways to exploit that somehow reach more people and keeps more than 24 hours.
Here's a kernel exploit the known coder Davee (one of the developers of Custom Firmware HEN in PSP ):
If you want to take cognizance of the possible (but unlikely in the short term) publication of the kernel exploit of Davee , often you can visit their websiteOr follow him on twitter @ DaveeFTW since from the developers twitter one is able to learn about their progress, albeit from SceneBeta I try to bring novelty about this project.