Multiplayer mayhem being the core experience of any Super Smash Bros. game, rumor mills have churned the possibility of online play for the Wi-Fi-equipped Wii version of the game to a powder-fine millet. The rumor, however, can now be put to rest, as the game's official Web site, Super Smash Bros. Dojo, has laid out plans for online fisticuffs in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

When the game releases for the Wii on December 3, players will be able to jump into global or friend-only matches. Players will be able to check the status of those in their Wii friend network, and then jump into a match under a variety of modes. The game will apparently not feature any kind of voice chat; instead, four pre-entered taunts can be issued using the D pad. While waiting for other players to ready up, players will be able to practice their moves on sandbag.

"With Anyone" matches will differ slightly from "With Friends" battles. For these, players will engage in anonymous online play, and the limited chat options will be disabled. SSB Dojo also noted that stat-tracking will be disabled for these matches, implying that records will be kept for friend-only brawls. The site also apologetically notes that local matches will perform far better than long-distance melees, which can take place between fighters in, for instance, the US and Japan.;title;3