The less-than-coordinated of us know that navigating spaces can at times be harder than it looks. As often as we may stumble, Furmins have it one step harder - they're just limbless balls of fur waiting on an omniscient power to guide them to their destinations. Their puzzle-oriented plight is lining up a pathway from iOS devices to Vitas on December 17.

Compared to Resogun, Furmins is a less explosive effort from developer Housemarque that makes a puzzle out of the journey from Point A to Point B. Players construct potential solutions for any given level in Furmins' Setup mode, which pauses the environment to allow for a path to be constructed out of objects. Once a solution is ready, switching to the Action mode lets the scenario play out, resulting in glory or a return to the phase of blueprints. If you're feeling particularly crafty, you can build with the bits of candy strewn across levels in mind.

The PlayStation Blog notes that Furmins has "100+ unique levels," but it does not suggest a price. The iOS version, Furmins HD, is currently $2.99 on the App Store, but you can try the first world of Furmins Free at no charge.