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Thread: Archipong Alpha 0.2

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    psp Archipong Alpha 0.2

    Archilolo has posted a new version of his pong game for the PSP, heres whats new:

    version 0.2 Improvement of the code, additions of step badly of elements.
    * operational score
    * progressive acceleration of the ball
    * correction of bugs (that made odd when I do not say it for someone else; I did not realize to what a not reading again and to improve a code, was this simple, could be testing! )
    * improvement of the management of the collisions: they is more precise from now on, and that adapts to all the sizes of sprite (as well for the rackets as for the ball)… but in fact, I still have problems with the racket of left!
    * rotation of the ball: a small funny effect which obliged me to re-examine all the tests of collision!
    * possibility of deforming the ball (with the analogical stick). Attention, that tends to make plant the play! that does not change anything with the way in which one plays; therefore, I think that I will transfer it in the long term; but while waiting, I find that funny
    * new graphics; and especially, introduction of the innénarable

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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