Released today at Play Asia

Play as Nancy Drew, the world’s most recognizable teen sleuth, in this 3rd person action adventure game that marks Nancy’s first appearance on the Nintendo DS.
Unique graphic novel format pays homage to the classic book series that introduced Nancy Drew to
Use the Touch Screen to play conversation and unlocking mini-games. Nancy also accesses clues, tasks, maps and inventory information with the stylus.
Unravel more than 13 intriguing chapters as Nancy completes progressively difficult tasks including: delivery missions, push puzzles, following suspects, sneaking, interrogations, accessing areas, inspecting items and more.
Solve an array of logic and action puzzles along the way to reveal clues.
Unique conversation mini-games help Nancy build a rapport with witnesses and suspects so she can learn critical information for the case. Nancy can even bribe a character if necessary.
Use the shadows to sneak past danger areas and avoid detection.
Use your lock picking skills to sneak into areas to search for clues.
Use Nancy’s Clue Journal to check current objectives and discover new information.

Become Nancy Drew as she unravels the mystery of the missing billionaire in this engaging action adventure game for the Nintendo DS. Use Nancy’s detective skills to solve puzzles and discover clues left by a slew of suspicious characters.