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Thread: Eidos wants PS3 price cut

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    ps3 Eidos wants PS3 price cut

    via Eurogamer

    Amidst all the usual banter about release dates, transition periods and approaches for the company, Eidos stated today that it believes a PlayStation 3 price cut is paramount to growth in the console's installed base.

    "The Board continues to believe in the long-term commercial success of PlayStation 3 but believes this may take more time than originally forecast by Sony," chairman Tim Ryan wrote at the top of mother-company SCi's financials.

    "The Board is of the opinion that the key driver to the acceleration of the installed base of PlayStation 3 will be a further hardware price cut."

    Eidos has often taken a softly-softly approach with new console hardware, happy to feel it out before bowling a dozen SKUs into orbit, and so it has proven with PS3.

    The publisher dipped its toe with a distribution agreement for Ninja Gaiden Sigma earlier this year, but its first big simultaneous PC/PS3/360 release is Kane & Lynch, due out on 23rd November.

    Beyond that though, things get a bit more multicultural, with the new Conflict game and indeed the next Tomb Raider down for release on PS3, and - as with the Wii and DS - we should expect to see more Eidos games on Sony's format from there on out.

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    Damn. I shoulda waited a bit longer... So what exactly IS the price gonna be?

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    No idea, but I suspect there will be another before christmas. With the evidence of a trimmed down model in the works, Sony could afford to offer a PS3 for 400 dollars, maybe even less.

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