The Steam Machine is just a tiny PC designed to attach to your television, so when the gadget surgeons at iFixit pulled a beta Machine apart, they were unsurprised to find common components.

Inside the Steam Machine - we stress that this is a beta version of the device; things may change before it hits retail - iFixit discovered an NVIDIA GTX 780 with 3GB of on-board RAM, 16GB of DDR3 RAM, a 1TB Seagate solid state hybrid hard drive, a 450W power supply and an Intel Core i5-4570 CPU running at 3.6GHz. These are all items you could find at your local computer retailer, though according to iFixit's math, purchasing these items piecemeal would set you back about $1,300.

Overall, iFixit gave the Steam Machine high praise, citing the ample buttons and comfortable nature of its controller, alongside the ease with which users should be able to upgrade their Machine. The only real issue the site found was that the Machine's RAM can occasionally be difficult to replace, but if you've ever put a PC together, you're more than familiar with the finger-slicing difficulties of switching out RAM sticks.