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Thread: Sony Ericsson: No PSP or Bravia phones incoming for UK

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    psp Sony Ericsson: No PSP or Bravia phones incoming for UK

    via sky news

    Despite previous reports that we could expect a Sony Ericsson gaming phone in February next year, Sony Ericsson's senior marketing manager, Richard Dorman, has dashed hopes by denying that this is the case.

    Any similar hopes to see the Bravia-branded television focussed mobiles (currently available in Japan) were similarly dashed, although this is perhaps less surprising as the UK is behind Japan in terms of a mobile TV platform.

    The PSP phone rumours began earlier this year when patents for PlayStation themed gaming-enabled mobile phone handsets were discovered.

    In addition these rumours were recently confirmed by Sony Ericsson games boss Peter Ahnegard at the Leipzig gaming conference when he stated we would see a PSP phone "before Christmas".

    However, if you believe the latest exec to go on record, this is not to be. Richard Dorman said not only were there no plans to bring the Bravia range to the UK, but a PSP-branded phone was not on the agenda either.

    Mobile Today quotes Dorman as stating: "It is not a focus for us with the UK and western European market at the moment. I've seen our road map for the next 12 months and neither of those two handsets will feature in it".

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    Wait so it was confirmed for US but not UK?

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