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Thread: problem with garou and shenmue.

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    Default problem with garou and shenmue.

    i downloaded fatal fury mark of wolves and shenmue. when i try to open the .cdi file with discjuggler 6 it does the 10 seconds till you press ok thing but when i hit ok it closes with no warning. when i try to burn them with bootdreams or open another iso with discjuggler and open it that way it burns but the dreamcast reads it as an audio cd.
    both files came from the Underground gamer Complete USA torrent collection. other games worked from the same collection but i had to convert those from bin to .cdi while those 2 came in cdi format, I tried another garou file from blackcatz and it still didnt work still in .cdi format. and the dc capcom collection and guility gear compilation both worked. which were .cdi. I tried using the utopia disc and that didnt work. and soul calibur didnt work but i didnt test it as much and disc juggler actually gave me an error message. Anyone know what ive done wrong. or where i can find them in .bin format.
    any help would be greatly appriciated.

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    Download copyrighted material is illegal, and we don't support piracy. Please read the rules and buy the games.

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