Crrcsim is a model-airplane flight simulation program. Using it, you can learn how to fly model aircraft, test new aircraft designs, and improve your skills by practicing on your computer.

It rules! The flight model is very realistic. The flight model parameters are calculated based on a 3D representation of the aircraft. Stalls are properly modelled as well. Model control is possible with your own rc transmitter, or any input device such as joystick, mouse, keyboard ...

Software features

Open source
Runs on GNU/Linux, Mac OSX (ppc and rosetta compatible) and Windows (98/2000/XP)
3D representation of the aircraft
Very realistic flight model
Nice graphics if you have a 3D accelerator card
Great variety of how to control the model:
Use your R/C transmitter (connected to the parallel port, to the serial port via an "FMS PIC"-style cable or simply to your sound card's audio input)