Sony has confirmed that, alongside US gamers, EU-residing PlayStation Plus subscribers will also be treated to free access to Killzone Shadow Fall's multiplayer mode this Christmas.
As previously announced for the US, the trial period, taking place from December 28-31, will exclusively allow PS Plus subs to play the multiplayer mode from Killzone Shadowfall for free.
The 'Trial' version of the game is available for pre-download now in both regions, allowing interested gamers to have their copy installed and ready ahead of the four-day trial period.
Sony is yet to specify the contents of the trial, but all indications so far point to the full multiplayer mode being made available.
Killzone Shadow Fall was a PS4 launch-day title and the fourth game (excluding portable entries) in Guerrilla Games' flagship PlayStation-exclusive FPS series.
In CVG's Killzone Shadow Fall review, critic Steve Boxer says the game "doesn't seek to reinvent the FPS, but it does inject a much-needed infusion of creativity and originality into the genre".