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Thread: Review: CycloWiz Modchip v2 (DMS/D2A/D2B)

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    Rev Review: CycloWiz Modchip v2 (DMS/D2A/D2B)

    CycloWiz Modchip v2 (DMS/D2A/D2B)
    Manufacturer: Team Cyclops
    Site: Buy from Divineo
    Price: $30.00-$40.00

    Overview : The CycloWiz Wii Mod Chip has been updated to be universally compatible with all current Wii drive chipsets including DMS, D2A and D2B.

    The amazing CycloWiz Mod Chip for the Nintendo Wii has arrived! The CycloWiz is possibly the easiest modchip to install on any system. A quicksolder pattern on the PCB board removes the need for wires. All you need to do us solder onto the designated parts and the installation is complete.

    Not only is the CycloWiz easy to install, but this ModChip also has amazing features including Stealth Mode, the ability to play both WII and Gamecube backups, GameCube homebrew and imports. The CycloWiz also has an optional LED to let you know when the Mod Chip is ON or OFF.

    Features :
    • Compatible with all current Wii chipsets including the DMS, D2A and D2B
    • Fully upgradable via DVD
    • Easy installation(5 solder points / no wires required)
    • Stealth Mode to keep the Mod Chip from ever being detected by the current Wii firmware
    • Play both Wii and GameCube backup copies
    • Play GameCube homebrew and Imports
    • Built In audio-fix for GameCube backup copies
    • Multidisc GameCube game support
    • Supports both 8cm and 12cm discs
    • Optional disable feature to turn the Mod Chip ON or OFF
    • Multipurpose LED to let you know that the CycloWiz Mod Chip is on and working, if there is an error, or if it is off

    Quality/Usability : This review is an updated review based off of our CycloWiz v1 (DMS/D2A) - 3.0B FW review that worked only on DMS and D2A chipsets. This review is based on a North American (NTSC-US) Wii. All games tested during this review, we own the original games. This modchip is only compatible with Wii's that have a DMS, D2A or D2B chipset. This will NOT work on a D2C chipset.

    Like CycloWiz v1, this modchip will work on DMS, D2A and now, D2B chipsets. This will not work on D2C chipsets as the structure has changed and did not allow the use of modchips. If you bought your Wii after June 2007, it probably contains a D2C chipset. You can find out what your Wii probably has by using this Wii Tracker.

    The CycloWiz comes in a ESD bag but does not provide any protection during shipping (unless retailer protects it). The CycloWiz is basically a chip on a small thin PCB. The solder pads allows you to either quick soldering or wire installation. Wire installation is the best way to go because if for whatever reason you need to remove it, it is a lot easier and cleaner. Team Cyclops also started to include a switch with all CycloWiz's

    Installation : Before installing the CycloWiz, you must have at least some experience with soldering and have read their instruction manual which can be downloaded from here. As for me, I dont have any experience with soldering, so I had a friend install this for me. In order to install the CycloWiz onto your Wii, you must take it apart. Here is a tutorial on how to dismantle your Wii. You can also find other tutorials or even videos on the web.

    Once you have dismantled the Wii, you must locate the points outlined in their installation manual. These points are where you will connect the soldering between the Wii and the CycloWiz. When soldering, you must remember to stay within the points and not to use too much solder or you may risk shorting out the chip as well as the Wii. When soldering the CycloWiz, you also have the option of installing 3 more wires which is then connected to a switch. The switch that is included is a flip switch but any type of switch will do whether it be a push-in switch or a flip switch but the smaller the better. You can install the switch anywhere you want. It can be in the vent at the bottom of the Wii or you can drill a hole into the casing of the Wii, whichever is more convenient to you. This switch will enable you to upgrade your CycloWiz via DVD.

    On the CycloWiz, there is an LED that will light up if you’ve installed the chip correctly. You would want to try the Wii out before closing it up by hooking the Wii back together without the casing or you will not be able to view the LED. This is a great way to tell you whether or not your installation was successful or not without having to reopen your Wii later on.

    Wii Compatibility : With Team Cyclops constantly improving the CycloWiz, game compatibility has improved dramatically. There were less and less DRE's (Disk Read Errors), sometimes even none at all. Playing imports is still a hit or miss when it comes to playing on a different region. Some games will work and some games will not. But if you're playing in the same region such as NTSC-US (North America) and NTSC-J (Japan), there is not problem.

    Homebrew Compatibility : Loading homebrew is still the same as v1. There are three ways to load GameCube homebrew; bootable disc, SDLoad and GCOS. Loading via SDLoad, you will need a SD Gecko adapter as well as an SD card. If using GCOS or a bootable disc, you can load the emulators and games on to a DVD and be able to load from them without having to use additional media. All emulation worked without a problem.

    Conclusion : Overall, CycloWiz Modchip v2 (DMS/D2A/D2B) is the same as CycloWiz v1 (DMS/D2A) - 3.0B FW but with the support of D2B chipset. With Nintendo cracking down on piracy by changing the layout of the mobo and chipsets, its been a little hard on some gamers. Not to mention with the raids on some modders and closing of sites, its been tough of modchip makers, mainly on online retailers. If you didnt purchase a Wii after June, you should be safe but it depends on how fast sells their stock and it gets replenished. The more they sell, the more systems they'll get and probably with new chipsets. I think the main concern right now, is the ability to play 100% of import games. Even if its 90%, its well worth it.

    Please note that none of the "upgrade" products listed in this site are endorsed by Nintendo, Sony and/or Microsoft. DCEmu Reviews and DCEmu Network does not condone piracy. The primary functions of a "modchip" and/or "flashcart" are to allow you to play imported games and homebrew software that you legally own or simply just for experimenting with hardware. We in no way endorse piracy, and encourage all users to do the right thing and support the developers/manufacturers that support them. We do not take any responsibilities for any use outside of these parameters or where the use of such a device is illegal.

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