If you are getting error messages, here's what you gotta do. First off when you have the rom it should be maybe a .rar or .zip file.You extract all files into to a file. Then you should have mp3 tracks and maybe two other files for ex Metal Slug track 1.iso and also samurai shodown.cue file. Well first create a folder called neocd.mp3 and put all your mp3 tracks into this folder. Then your left with the two files. Right click the samurai shodown-track 1 file and extract all files in the same folder. Now you should have a lot of files. Now delete the samurai track 1 file for you dont need it anymore. Now Highlight all files exept the mp3 folder. Right click and add it to winzip. When its done delete all the highlighted files for you dont need them. At last your left with mp3 folder and a zip file. go to psp create and in neo emu folder create a new folder for ex samurai shodown. Now just put those mp3 folder and zip file and enjoy!!!Let me know how this works.