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    Hi, I am a moderator of the Italian ConsoleTribe forum. I am in charge of spreading the following piece of news. I am posting it here, too, hoping it will be useful for someone.

    A new developer of the Wii scene, under the nickname of Arep, has given me the task of publishing his first creation: it's FriiDump, a RawDump clone released under the GPL, which means that the program comes with its complete source code. As such, this will finally make users of non-Windows operating systems happy, as they will finally be able to make backups of their precious GameCube and Wii discs!

    Although, the program only supports Windows and GNU/Linux so far, the availability of source code make the program easily extensible by everybody.

    Program highlights include the immediate calculation of MD5 and other hash codes of the generated ISO and the display of a lot of useful disc information.

    The only drawback is that FriiDump is a bit slower at dumping than RawDump: it takes about 3.5 hours for a Wii dump, and about 1 hour for a GameCube one. Also, the compatible drives are the same as RawDump, even though it is certainly easier to add support for a new drive if the source code is public.

    The author decided not to give direct support for his program, in order to avoid legal problems, but he says that users can use the forums at the Italian Wii Tribe site ( to help each other and report problems, even though he will not be participating at any discussions.

    Here is a screenshot of the program running under GNU/Linux, courtesy of dudo85:

    Download links are below. Binaries are available for Windows users, either in ZIP or installer format, while users of other operating systems can use the source code and compile it themselves.



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    Hmm... Its a shame you still need a LG drive

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    unless you have a modchip, thats how i dump mine

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    arep is pera backwards which is part of u name u dumbass u made the program wow u guys arent very good at covering ur asses!! lol!!!

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