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Thread: Does anybody like to read scifi?

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    Thumbs up Does anybody like to read scifi?

    I found this link to this pretty kewl book.
    The whole book hasnt been released yet.
    They seem to release a new chapter every friday. although theres 23 chapters already out and theres supposed to be a new chapter released today.
    The book is called Raechel's Eyes.

    Its a pretty good book, heres a link to all the chapters thats been released,

    I really do recomend this book. But then again maybe some people wouldnt go for a story about human/alien hybirds , lol but it really is a good book.
    What makes it even better is its proclaimed to be a true story. But oh well

    Heck if i wrote a scifi book and thought claiming it was true would make it sell better, I would swear to it too i guess

    Seriously try this out. heck it will give everyone somthing to do with all those new text reader homebrew propgrams thats out now.

    "Shadowprophet" cause if he can find the time to play bull$#@! videogames. (meaning the crappy ones ) He can find time to read bull$#@! books too , (but this book is well writen - not crappy at all )

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    As far as SCI/FI fantasy goes, i enjoy the works of piers anthony and issac assimov

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