Gamecop posted this news:

Kloplop321 has been working hard on this Moonshell theme emulator for several months. Moonshell is a multimedia homebrew application for the Nintendo DS. His Moonshell theme emulator for PC/Windows, known as Phleon, has now been released today. Since this is a beta release... if you find any bugs or have suggestions, please let us know by replying in this thread.
Phleon is a VB.NET program Made to emulate the themes for Moonshell. It is simple to use(in my idea), can go in reduced mode, meaning less processing for the less powerful computers. This program's source will not be released until a Major Version is created, the released source will also be commented heavily to provide examples for other coders.

This program does not emulate Moonshell entirely. It only shows the use and effects of what will happen with the files provided. It can open another theme and change settings, export it, etc. This makes a pure drag and drop Usable theme. It is not totally complete, but does help give an idea if it will work or not. It also has an Error Report window showing what hasn't or could not be loaded.

I do not know what every Moonshell's optional variables are for the configurations, however if there are any, please post examples of them, a link to a theme that uses it, and so forth. I know I am missing a few.

Suggestions always help, thanks. [Download / Official Website]