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Thread: Review: Talismoon HDMI Switcher with Remote

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    Reviews Review: Talismoon HDMI Switcher with Remote

    Talismoon HDMI Switcher with Remote
    Manufacturer: Talismoon
    Price: $105.00-$129.95

    Overview : The HDMI SWITCHER is a HDMI HUB that allows you to connect your console or dvd player to a tv and easily switch from a device to another with a simple remote control press.

    Simply pressing a button on the remote you can select your desired HDMI source to be routed to a high definition display. Switcher is tested to guarantee resolution up to 1080p without signal degradation.
    HDMI repeater is built in to the switch for long output cables. If your cable if over 15ft distance then with regular switch you would get signal degradation. However with HDMI switch box signal can be amplified to go over 60ft!

    Features :
    • Approved by HDMI ATC lab
    • Fully supports 1080P HDTV
    • HDCP Compliant
    • Supports DTS, Dolby 7.1 Channel Audio
    • IR Remote control
    • Expand 4HDMI sources on your HDTV device
    • Amplifier & Equalizer function enables longer HDMI cables
    • Plug & Play, installs in seconds
    • RoHS compliant
    • 110v-240v auto switching power supply

    Quality/Usability : The Talismoon HDMI Switcher with Remote is designed to allow you, the user, to toggle between four (4) HDMI sources. You may think why would you need or want something like this. If you havent noticed, as more and more devices such as HDTV's, HD cable, satellite boxes, DVD players (Blu-Ray and HD-DVD), they are now incorporating HDMI. As more people get into high def, they will have more and more devices but are only limited to a certain amount of inputs on their devices.

    The HDMI Switcher measures approximately 7 inches wide by 3 inches deep and 1 inch high. The switcher is made of metal and not plastic. This makes the switcher very sturdy and a solid feel. The front houses four green LEDs and 1 red LED. The green LEDs are to let you know which HDMI port is in use and the red LED is to let you know that the power is on. To the right of the button is a SELECT button that lets you toggle between the HDMI ports. On the back, there are four HDMI inputs. To the left is one HDMI output and DC port to plug power adapter.

    Setup is plug-and-play. Simply plug in the cables, select the port and you're good to go! If your device does not have HDMI but uses DVI, you can also use DVI devices so as long you use the appropriate adapter.

    Testing with a Sony PlayStation 3, XBox 360 Elite and HD-DVD Player and a Dell PC that uses DVI, all devices switched without a problem. I did not notice any quality downgrade. Even upconverted DVDs worked without a problem. What I did notice was that there was no input for audio.

    The included remote measures approximately 3.5 inches tall by 1.5 inches wide and 0.25 inches high. The face of the remote has a POWER ON/OFF on the top left with 1-4 in the middle to select your mode. There is also a forward and back button to control the input sources. The battery runs on a Lithium Battery CR2025 (watch battery).

    Conclusion : Overall, the Talismoon HDMI Switcher with Remote worked without a hitch. The design is nice and sleek and built sturdy. I dont know if this is on all HDMI Switchers but the one I received said "HIDOZO" on top. Dont know what this means or what the purpose is but it looks tacky. The lack of audio ports can be a negative to those who want the best set up. Would of also been nice if it included a DVI to HDMI adapter. The expensive price tag may turn people away but if you're running out of HDMI ports or looking for a selector, I suggest taking a look at this.

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    My tv has 2 hdmi ports, if i plug in 2 of these into each, can i have up to 8?

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