News/release from Kitsuta:

We've finally got our third demo finished. The basic gameplay mechanics are near complete now, but this demo includes neither our combat nor our dialogue systems. Nor do we have final graphics, or very many animations... Mostly because we still have that issue with loading backgrounds from FAT and so memory is pretty tight. Those will come later on.

Game Information

The big new addition since our last demo is the inventory system, complete with a working quick slot, that allows you to try to apply any item in your inventory to anywhere on the screen in, hopefully, an easy and efficient manner. The demo, is mostly designed around those additions, so includes quite a few puzzles to solve with items. In addition, we have multiple language support, showcased by a halfway done Spanish translation written by the game writer. (: One other thing different about this demo is the fact that it is set on a spaceship. Don't be fooled; Lights of Myndell is still going to be a fantasy game. I just felt like a bit of variety. Plus it's easier to draw sci-fi. Finally, there's an annotatable map - but no way to erase annotations yet as it was a last minute addition.

Enjoy the demo and please let us know what you think, or if you spot any bugs. Be sure to visit our website for further updates and other content.

Up arrow - "Use" mode
Left arrow - "Walk" mode
Right arrow - "Look" mode
Down arrow - "Quick Slot" mode; apply an item in your quick slot to something on screen
Double tapping an item in your Inventory - Place an item into your quick slot.
L button - Brings down Inventory screen
R button - Switches to Map screen

The ds.gba file has been tested and runs on NO$GBA
The .nds file has been tested and runs on hardware.

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