An image for those who want to try out some of the smaller (and often missed) creations for the DC can now be found here:

It's the first in a series of Mini-Dream Selections that will be released between some of the bigger projects going on behind the scenes at DC Evolution.

SAPPlay, ported by Christian Nowak features along with the latest version of the Atari SAP Music Archive (ASMA), bonus additions to the image are:
Spiderette by Joe Drago, Snake3D by Joshua Wise, RobotfindsKitten (DCRFK) by robotfindskitten consortium, DCBlast by Evil Spork Man, Armored Campaign by Trilinear, Another Asteroids Clone by Eytan Kaziberdov, Text Text Revolution by GPF, Yet Another SFCave by GPF, Sh'ump: A Love Story by Toastman, DCViewer by Bero, DCBench by Chui, DCCenter by Chui, Memory Flashrom, FISA by Marcus Comstedt, Rumble2 by SinisterTengu, Cellshade by Tvspelsfreak, Cellshaded Teapot Demo by Greay, Nestix Tile Demo by GyroVorbis, Buggy Demo by La Cible, DCFloys by Axlen, Bluelight by Energy, Bubbles by Dan Potter, CA Logo by Dan Potter, Frustrum Culling by Heinrich Tillack.