Everquest's lead designer plans to Kickstart a new MMORPG called Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen this month.
Brad McQuaid confirmed via Twitter findings from fans who dug up the plans for the new MMO ahead of his planned Kickstarter announcement, but revealed nothing further about the game beyond a piece of concept art.
McQuaid left Sony Online Entertainment to form Sigil Games, where he and another Everquest developer worked on Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Releasing after an extended development cycle, the game was widely perceived as a failure and eventually purchased and reworked by SOE.
In a forum thread dedicated to digging up info about the game, McQuaid said he was overconfident after his first major project, Everquest, was a major success.
"I became extremely arrogant, thinking whatever I touched would turn into gold," McQuaid wrote. "And then when things didn't work out so well on my second try it was really quite a blow to me because I had deluded myself big time. I ended up in a bad place and I never want to be back there again, ever."
McQuaid said he is looking forward to revealing more about the project soon.