If you go to buy a sofa these days youíll not only be greeted with the option of one or more reclining positions, but a fully modern unit comes with motorized reclining. That simply wasnít convenient enough for [Nicki] and [Kevin] who wanted to control the feature from a smartphone rather than a physical interface (buttons) on the side of the furniture. What resulted is the PiSofa, a Raspberry Pi connected to the furnitureís electronics with the help of a relay board.
This is most certainly a hack, but no doubt one with a lot of finesse. Check out that white PCB. Thatís right, itís a factory spun board to keep things nice and neat. They went with one of our favorite tricks by housing everything inside of a food storage container. After some Ruby coding the Pi now has complete control of the sofa. Weíre not overstating this. It literally is the only way to control it because the original buttons no longer work. But thatís okay, turns out not only does it work with their smartphones, but with a [Kevin's] Pebble watch as well.
We canít think of any past hacks that specifically targeted the couch. But hereís a hammock that you can drive down the street.