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The Eurogamer TV multiplex today draws back the curtains on four utterly joyous new trailers for Super Mario Galaxy. If the extended Japanese trailer, Japanese player demo, and TV spots 1 and 2 don't have you grinning like the proverbial idiot, then it's time you gave up on gaming and took that job in the funeral parlour. You're as dead inside.

Super Mario 64 first released in 1996, and it's only now, a decade later - having weathered the disappointment of Sunshine in the interim - that we seemingly stand before the true heir to Miyamoto's 3D masterpiece.

Today's bling quartet of videos serves up fresh footage of now-familiar elements like Bee Mario, Boo Mario and the ingenious Wii control system; plus there's loads of other primary-coloured capers revealed that we'll let you see for yourselves. Frankly, it reminds us why we fell in love with video games in the first place. Swoon.

Super Mario Galaxy warps onto Wii in Japan on November 1st, changing into its European dungarees on November 16th.

Screenshots here