It seems reports of the desktop PC’s death have been greatly exaggerated.
Contrary to popular belief, the desktop is thriving today in the high-end space thanks to a brave wave of British manufacturers.
Rafi Razzak, owner of UK IT giant Centerprise International, believes the UK PC manufacturing industry is “back with a vengeance” – and more than capable of competing with China’s production lines.
Speaking to PCR, Razzak said: “By the year 2000, some of the bigger boys wanted to grow their marketshare. And as they went for it, they had the war on price. But it got to the point where they had to outsource back to the Far East, and they managed to probably decimate the PC industry in Europe.
“In the last three or four years we’ve seen the revival of the desktop in the UK, not only in the gaming arena but in business. The bigger boys are aiming at market sectors, but when it comes to custom configuration, being able to react and smaller volume, their model doesn’t work very well.”
Razzak added: “If I’m going to make 100,000 computers all the same, I’ll go to China. But that’s not the market. Not in gaming. People want choice. And that’s why the desktop is alive again today – because no large manufacturer could meet the needs for 100 to 1,000 custom computers.
“In 1995 Toshiba said the desktop was dead. But we are now in 2013 and we still have desktops. The desktop and the British manufacturing industry is alive and coming back with a vengeance – we still produce excellent high-performance computers here in the UK.”
Centerprise acquired YoYoTech last year, which formerly operated out of a single London store but now supplies products to the trade from its Hemel Hempstead office.