Due to the overwhelming success of the PSP, Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu surveyed 68 of its retail partners for their thoughts on the state of the PSP. The survey revealed a number of interesting factoids. For example, Piano Black is the best selling system (17.4%) while Rose Pink is the worst (6.9%). Unsurprisingly, Crisis Core ended up being the top seller of the month, which caught 62.7% of retailers off guard -- they couldn't predict sales would be so strong.

Although Crisis Core sold so well, it was actually the 1seg, retailers report, that inspired the most PSP sales. However, in spite of the system's current success, 43.3% of retailers surveyed do not believe PSP momentum will continue.

The retailers are worried about the lack of big titles coming up for the system. More games like Monster Hunter are (obviously) needed. Some other suggestions included: games that support the 1seg (how would that work?), record functionality for the 1seg, and new colors that look different than DS's offerings. Supposedly, Japan's software lineup on PSP leaves something to be desired as well.