0000FC20: AD 63 43 68 DB EA 16 8C EB 1D DA 8A 3E DD 81 0F0000FC30: FB 1E000FFAF4: A6 F3

From Normmatt

Gateway 2.0B2 Launcher.dat (wont provide link at not allowed to GBATemp rules so no one please post)
Patched with the above Hex
Gateway Mode loads Retail Carts but with Region Free, you can even still use the EmuNAND so can have 7.1.0-14

this will not play ANY Roms, only official carts

You can use this without any need for a 3DS Flashcard also
so if you want your 4.1>4.5 Console to have EmuNAND and Region Free Patches only, this is for you


Download the File to Patch the Launhcer.dat

all you need is a DS Flashcard working on 3DS Firmwares 4.1>4.5 for this
because you can use the Gateway installer.nds to install the MSET Exploit and then load your new patched Launcher.dat

1. Download file
2. Copy GW's launcher.dat into the same folder as the *.exe
3. Start the *.exe. It should show "file patched successfully"
4. Copy the Launcher.dat into the Root of your microSD card
5. Install the Exploit (with the GW_INSTALLER.NDS)
6. Now you can go to Settings -> General Settings -> User settings -> DS profile
7. Your 3DS is region free

Ive noticed alot of News sites appear to be reporting this
when coming to updating to 7.1.0
Once the patch is applied
you must first create a EmuNAND otherwise you will update your normal NAND and loose the Exploit
Please follow the Instructions included in the Gateway files on how to create the EmuNAND