Konami has confirmed that this year's PES game will be released for PS4, marking the series' debut on new-gen hardware.
While EA wasted no time bringing FIFA to the new machines from Sony and Microsoft - with FIFA 14 out at launch on both - Konami's most recent footy sim PES 2014 was confined to last-gen consoles only.
But speaking via its official Twitter feed on Wednesday, Konami said, "PES 2014 will not be released on next-gen consoles but you can expect to see PES 2015 on your PS4."
While the game is expected to be a multi-platform title, the firm was oddly unwilling to confirm an Xbox One version. "We dont really have any information about it at the moment, but well keep you informed," it responded to questioning over an Xbox One release.
There hasn't been a PlayStation-exclusive PES game since 2003's Pro Evolution Soccer 3 on PS2.
PES games are typically released in September. No further official info was offered.