wintermute has updated the ARM compiler used in making homebrew for the DS, GBA, and GP2X.

libnds and the NDS examples have also been updated.

The devkitPro coffers are also running a little low and itís almost time to pay the hosting fees again so, if you have any spare change in Paypal and feel that devkitPro is a worthwhile cause please feel free to make a donation using the button at the top of the menu.

Iíve just finished uploading the files for devkitARM release 21.

* Upgraded to gcc 4.1.2
* Added gdb by popular request
* Now including libraries for ARM big-endian devices - this relates to a request from the winARM maintainers, not DS related.
* Newlib patches extended to allow time() to work on the DS
* argv has been added - this will require support from the homebrew launcher menu on various cards
* ndstool now uses the default arm7 core distributed with libnds in preference to an embedded one
* Now working on Vista/Vista64 - users who were impatient and modified paths should now remove those changes

devkitARM release 21

devkitARM release 21 requires libnds 20071023 - the argv and time additions have part of the implementation in libnds. The latest DS crt0 also calls extra startup code not present in earlier libnds versions.

* some freeBSD fixes to makefiles
* added RTC setup and sound initialisation to arm7 core
* corrected glViewport for openGL consistency ( old spelling was glViewPort) , correct angle for gluPerspective and corrected glFrustum matrix
* IRQ nesting now works properly
* other more general fixes detailed in the changelog on SF
* DS examples updated for latest libnds

libnds 20071023

nds examples 20071023

All files are now available through the automatic installer/updater.
Download from the links above in the quoted text.