Valve has released a SteamOS update that offers much-improved support for AMD graphics card users.
According to the patch notes, the update released this week updates the AMD Catalyst driver "to preview release 13.11 Beta 9.9".
As Valve's Pierre-Loup Griffais explains, "This update upgrades the Catalyst driver in our repositories with a preview release. This build should fix the poor in-game performance and malfunctioning return to desktop functionality.
"Known problems include tearing and poor overlay performance in-game," he added, before asking for user feedback.
The update also fixes the "Steam controller firmware upgrade process". SteamOS is Valve's new Linux-based operating system, which is available to download now for free in early beta form.
Valve confirmed 14 third-party Steam Machines at the CES expo in Las Vegas on Monday, with hardware pictures, specs and pricing details for all but two of them.
On the PC side, Valve launched Steam Family options for all users of the digital distribution service on Wednesday. Steam Family options afford users the ability to "limit an account's access to a subset of its content and features", whether it be your own account or your child's.